09 January 2014

Nothing But God Matters

Deeper Communion

Happy New Year!! This is my first post in 2014. Where do I begin? I have so much to share but I won't bombard you with one post. There will be more posts to  come. I guess I will just speak what's on my heart. God is calling many of us to deeper communion with Him. We have allowed any and everything to stand in the way of our relationship with God. I have spoken to several women this year that have in so many words said, "Nothing but God Matters"! They are willing to obey every command of God and they're willing to trust him in every area of their life. I feel the same way.

God wants much, much more from us. Many people are taking their traditional fast at the beginning of this new year. That's wonderful. Sometimes God wants us to get away from what we're accustomed to doing all the time though. Don't you want a fresh move of God? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against fasting at all. When I feel the Lord is calling me to fast, I do! But sometimes you have to do something different and not just go along with the crowd. What kind of sacrifice does God want from you specifically? Do you need to give the television a break in addition to your fast? Do you need to shut down two, three or all of your social media outlets for a time? Is there something or someone you need to cut out of your life permanently so you can have deeper communion with God?

God wants to talk with you and share some things with you in this season. God wants to speak with you about some hindrances in your life that need to be removed. God wants to develop character in specific areas of your life. God wants to fill you in regarding your future and the wonderful plans he has for you. Many times God speaks to us in a still small voice. We need to be sensitive to hearing his voice, even when he's whispering. How are you going to hear the voice of God if there is nothing but distractions around you? God is a gentleman. He's not going to yell at you or force you to sit down and have a conversation with him, this is a choice you have to make.

Our Spirit is not edified because we don't fill it with God's words. Our vision is blurred because we're focused on the wrong things. Our ears are blocked because we're listening to noise. We need more of God in ours lives. I said, "We need more of God in our lives." It's not that deep and it's quite simple to remedy. Find a quiet space and read his Holy Word. Make time for prayer. It doesn't matter how long you read or pray, you just need a desire for more of God in your life. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled" (Matthew 5:6) I love that scripture!

You have an assignment from God. Do you know what it is? No more running after some man or some woman to find direction and meaning for your life. Go directly to the source, the one who created you! He has all the answers. In this New Year let's be all about "Our Father's Business." Surrender all to him without hesitation, because Nothing but God matters.




  1. Thanks Ty I appreciate your clear message of what G-d wants from us

    1. Hi Hadassah, I'm glad this post spoke to you..